Indigenous Americans: Maya with Inca and Native North American Indians, photography of Jeffrey Jay Foxx

Joe Cross, Native American performer, leading a circle dance at the opening ceremony.

An aerial view of the Hubei Provincial Museum.

A view of the exhibition hall, with a tipi in the background.

Joe Cross and his wife Donna Couteau, Native American performers who attended the opening at the Hubei Provincial Museum.

Joe Cross and Donna Couteau performing a traditional Native American dance.

Jeffrey Foxx tells the stories behind his photographs.

The opening ceremony participants who traveled from the United States.

Hubei Provincial Museum

April - June 2013

The Hubei Provincial Museum is the fourth venue for this exhibit. This show includes 200 photographs by Jeffrey Jay Foxx, which were taken over a 40 year period. The exhibit also includes 3 educational movies as well as pieces of Mayan weaving. This project is the first of its kind to share the lives of Indigenous Americans with the Chinese people.

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