Revisiting a Legacy: Paintings by Five Contemporary Chinese Artists---Sun Xiuting, Guo Qingfeng, Chaolun Baatar, Zhang Hui, Yi Xuan

Modern Girl - Set of 4, 2003

Zhang Hui

Mother's Call from a Thousand Miles Away, 1998

Guo Qingfeng

Galloping, 1991

Guo Qingfeng

Old Opera Stage, 2012

Sun Xiuting

The Trace of Life, 2008

Yi Xuan

Sidney Mishkin Gallery

March - April 2013, Baruch College CUNY

Past and present, these are two aspects of life which we may handle cautiously or incautiously. Should we view the past through the medium of extant literary or artistic evidence, or should we view the past through the cultural memories that live on in our daily habits? Can the wisdom and achievements of the past benefit or guide us in the present? The artists introduced in this exhibition may already be ahead of us in addressing these questions.

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